Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Why the white precipitate appears on the skin after applying DERMADIVA 2 Minutes Lifting?

If a white powdery precipitate appears after you apply the product, that indicates that too much product has been applied or the user has very dry skin. We suggest you first moisten the skin by using DERMADIVA hydrogel first and then apply very little amount of 2 Mins, gently pat, not rub, to the selected area.

Can we apply DERMADIVA Eye Contour Cream before 2 Minutes Lifting Serum Primer to the eye area?

The best result of DERMADIVA 2 Minutes Lifting Serum Primer will be obtained by applying DERMADIVA hydrogel to moisturize the skin, slow down the aging process and formulation of wrinkles. The application of another product containing oily or nourishing components, for example DERMADIVA Eye Contour Cream, may reduce the efficiency of the lifting and smoothing effect.

Are the products safe for the sensitive eye area?

DERMADIVA products have confirmed the safety of use on the skin. Our hydrogel, eye cream, and 2 Minutes Lifting are tested to use on the delicate eye area, as also confirmed by research under the supervision of a dermatologist and ophthalmologist.

Can we apply make up after applying DERMADIVA line?

DERMADIVA products provides a great base for makeup, especially DERMADIVA hydrogel and 2 Minutes Lifting Serum Primer. DERMADIVA hydrogel effectively moisturizes and smooths the skin. Then, applying 2 Minutes Lifting Serum Primer in selected area for immediate lifting effect. The makeup can be applied after a few minutes when the product is absorbed and give the effect.